New Beer & New Tap Location

By October 27, 2015Uncategorized

Good news everyone!  Another month and another new beer, our EKG ESB Ale is being delivered today!  This is one of our favorite recipes, it’s an American twist on an old English style ale that is smooth, approachable yet still packs a unique flavor.  We can’t wait for you guys to get out to Shakers, & The Red Dog Grill to try one of our favorite beers.

Also, we’re positively thrilled to announce that our beer is now going to be available at Duffy’s in Utica, IL.  Duffy’s has long been known for their great craft beer selection and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of their lineup.  This is an exciting time for us (more on that soon) and we can’t wait to share more good news with all of you craft beer enthusiasts in the Starved Rock Country area.  In the mean time we hope you get out to Shaker’s, The Red Dog Grill, & Duffy’s to try some EKG ESB.

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