Craft Beer Melting Pot

By August 23, 2015Uncategorized

Last night at the Red Dog Grill was one hell of an event: sky diving, live music and a lot of friendly & familiar faces.  The response to our newest beer, Half Past Red, available exclusively at the Red Dog Grill, was beyond what we could have hoped for.  It’s a beer we really enjoy and we’re happy that you guys feel the same way.

It’s also exciting for us because we believe strongly in beer diversity.  As craft beer consumers we’ve always enjoyed trying new styles and recipes from our favorite breweries.  Bringing our sixth beer to market after two months on a 1 BBL system is something we’re really proud of.

Even more exciting is that we have two new brews that’ll be available within the next 30 days or so: Annie’s Pale Ale, named after Dennis’s great-aunt who worked at the Radium Dial plant, and Spaceman Whiteboard Pale Ale. Both will be coming to Shaker’s and the Red Dog Grill to travel down your gullets post-haste!

We’re doing everything we can to make this little engine go and as always we’re working hard behind the scenes to find new avenues and alleyways to get our beer in your hands.  Stay tuned as things develop and we’ll make sure to get the word out as more exciting news comes our way.

-Spacemen of the Whiteboard

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