Welcome to Radium City Brewing

By January 21, 2015Beer

Welcome to the RCB website!

It’s been a long road from conceptualizing a craft nano-brewery right here in Starved Rock Country to actualizing it.  We can finally see the light peering through the tunnel, and folks, it is a bright and radiant one.

The last time most of you saw us, we were slinging our beer at the inaugural Morel MASH-up.  We were so inspired by your reception to our beer that we decided to start up commercially.  What we had been long told by friends, family and acquaintances proved true with the general public: our beer is too good to be shared with only a select few.

Since then we’ve refurbished our brewery from the inside out and purchased a brand new 1 BBL brewing setup.  It’s modest, but allows us to be flexible, creative and to function as a self-actualized entity while we continue grow.

Things are happening quickly to bring our beer to fans commercially.  Our federal permit was filed in early January.  As soon as that is approved, we’ll file with the state and then be ready to pour into your welcoming pints.  The regulatory process will be approved between late spring and early summer of 2015.

Expect to have your palates pushed to their breaking point.  We pride ourselves on producing beers that transcend traditional genres and stylistic classifications. We’re constantly brewing and innovating, whether it be on our brand new system or in the RCB lab.  Mushroom porters, maple-bacon porters, triple-hopped IPAs with hybrid yeasts – you name it; we’re trying it.  When it’s good enough to share, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

-Alpha Acid Astronauts of RCB

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