TTB Approval & State Filing

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TTB Approval & State Filing

Good news everyone! On April 3rd 2015 we received our federal TTB approval. This means we are one step closer to distributing our beer to local bars in Starved Rock Country. It has been a lot of work getting this far and there is still work for us to do. However, we are incredibly proud to be one step closer to having our beer commercially available.

Since the approval we’ve been tweaking a few recipes and also procuring the last things we needed to file our state application. I’m proud to report that we filed our state application on Friday April 10th. This is significant because it’s the final regulatory stage of our commercial ambitions. Once this is approved we will be able to get our beer into your hands!

When filing with any regulatory agency we have no way of determining precisely when the approval will come through but we are cautiously optimistic that light at the end of the regulatory tunnel is near and we’ll be distributing our libations to thirsty to consumers very soon.

We’ve been inspired by the support of folks in Starved Rock Country and are eagerly anticipating getting the beer we brew into your hands. We’ve had some great discussions with some local establishments that are eager to serve you our wares and we can’t wait to finalize the locations that will be serving our beer.

Look forward to some exciting new beers, events and a summer of fun. One of the great things about brewing and distributing craft beer is the enjoyment we see on people’s faces as they try our beer and engaging in discussions with folks like us who enjoy brewing, tasting and talking about craft beer. We can’t wait to share our beer with you guys and discuss what makes your craft beer experience a great one.

We’ll keep you up to date as things develop. As always thanks for all of your inquiries and support.

-The boys from RCB


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