New Radium City Bombers

By February 9, 2016Announcements, Beer


First off, thanks to all of you who have gone out and purchased bombers. It’s difficult to articulate just how gratifying it is to see our beer on the shelves at our favorite local liquor stores in the area and even more gratifying to see the feedback on social media and Untapped. We’d also like to thank Herman’s Package Store, Regal Liquor, and Shakers of Ottawa; Rudy’s Liquor of LaSalle; Hy-vee of Peru; and Vineyard Liquor of Plano, who all promote and carry RCB bombers. We offer another heartfelt thanks to Amanda Hart of Amanda Hart Design for all of the great work on our labels. And of course, without the support from beer connoisseurs both near and far, none of this would be possible, so we raise our pint glasses to you.

Onto the news: More Bombers!

We have more bomber labels approved and ready to go. We’re always playing with new beer styles and recipes, looking for ways to get variety out to the consumer. We currently have six beers ready for bomber production with more in the works.  

The next two beers set for release in both keg and bomber form are Spaceman Whiteboard APA and Fashionably Late APA.  These are two of our personal favorites, and we’re eager to see them on the shelves. Look for Spaceman Whiteboard in roughly two weeks and Fashionably Late the week after. As always, we will let you know when they are being delivered. More announcements coming soon on what will be available in the future.   

Thanks again for all of the support!


-The Popes of Hoptown

PS be on the look out for the Spaceman’s doppleganger.

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