Christmas Comes Early for RCB

By December 15, 2015Beer

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When we first started designing a way to get our beer to market, we knew we had to start small.  It just wasn’t feasible for us to start with a big system and a taproom; we all have occupational and familial obligations that wouldn’t allow us to go all in from day one.  Still, it was just an idea we couldn’t let go of. We knew that if we didn’t pursue this dream, we would grow old and gray, wondering what would have happened if we had taken that chance, wishing we had.

Getting our licensing approval and launching this year was truly a dream come true.  Seeing bartenders at Shaker’s, The Red Dog Grill and Duffy’s pour pints of our beer never gets old (aside from having to shell out our own cash for our own creations).  More importantly, the response we’ve gotten from people has been better than we ever possibly could have imagined.  We’ve met many local craft beer aficionados and local homebrewers who are just as passionate as us about enjoying and making great beer.  As if that weren’t enough, we’ve interacted both in person and via social media with a surprising amount of people from all over the country who have stumbled into Starved Rock Country for either business or pleasure and by chance happened to sample and enjoy our beer.  The feeling of satisfaction from someone trying and enjoying our beer really never gets old and to have seen so many faces light up when sipping a pint is worth all the gold in Fort Knox.

It’s been a truly rewarding six months but through it all there has been one lingering problem.  How do we get more beer to market?  We began bouncing ideas off of one another and exploring various avenues of expansion.  The fruition of those many ruminations, debates, and discussions has finally arrived in the form of our brand new 3 bbl electric brewing system.  

This is a huge leap forward for us and we couldn’t be more geeked to brew more beer at 3 times the capacity.  It’s certainly the product of the diligence of four dummies continuing to hone in on their craft, but more importantly it’s a testament to the palates and truly amazing support of the folks in Starved Rock Country.  Thank you for all the support. we hope that you’ll continue to enjoy our beer in local pubs, your living rooms and anywhere your pursuits make take you.

Onward and Upward!

-The boys of RCB

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