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About Us – About Radium City Brewing

Our Genesis was one formed in the taprooms and brewpubs of breweries spanning across the country.  The boredom of occupational traveling brought us together as co-workers and ultimately great friendship was forged between us as we sought out pint after pint of rare craft beers from coast to coast.

Our palates grew to expect more than the average beer, and we wanted to experience the joys of local, unique beer at home, too. It dawned on us that if no one around us was making the kinds of beers we sought out, we ought to start making them ourselves.

We started making beer in our respective kitchens and garages, sharing those early batches with one another alone. Discussing techniques and shared learning experiences drove us to seek out more knowledge, better equipment and improved techniques.  Brewing together on the weekends became more than a hobby: it was soon a passion and something we wanted to share with others.

The fruits of our labor were soon consumed by family and friends, and the reception was overwhelmingly positive.  Before long, we were bringing kegs and growlers to every birthday party, picnic, grill out, or tailgating party that happened to come up on the social calendar.  When our beer hit the palates of strangers who we’d never met and they asked us to buy our beer, we knew that it was time to get our beer out to the public.

Our Beers

Our brewery is a modest building, completely refurbished this summer through blood, sweat and tears and the generous donations of time and work by close friends, without whom we would still be lost. Our ambition and passion, however,  are far from modest.  We are self-funded, self-started and driven to create the highest quality of artisan beer in the area.

It is our ambition to bring those experiences we shared many years ago in all corners of the country to our friends, neighbors, fellow residents and visitors of Starved Rock Country, one pint at a time.


There Is An Ancient Celtic Axiom That Says ‘Good People Drink Good Beer.’ Which Is True, Then As Now. Just Look Around You In Any Public Barroom And You Will Quickly See: Bad People Drinking Bad Beer. Think About It.

Hunter S. Thompson

stay with the beer.
beer is continuous blood.
a continuous lover.

Charles Bukowski

Isn’t beer the holy libation of sincerity? The potion that dispels all hypocrisy, any charade of fine manners? The drink that does nothing worse than incite its fans to urinate in all innocence, to gain weight in all frankness?

Milan Kundera